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Carsonville Hotel
Carsonville, Dauphin County

Just a Taste
Locally Owned By: The Bisking Family. Doris, Dick, Dick Jr., Chuck, Dennis and Mary
Cuisine: American
Price Range: $2.25 to $27.95
Hours: Tu – Sat 11am to 9pm Sun 11:30am to 5:30
Location: 3176 Powells Valley Road
Wi-Fi: No
Contact Info: (717) 362-9379
Vegetarian Offerings: No
Supports Local Farmers: No
Locally Owned Accommodations Nearby: Bisking Family Farm B&B (717) 362-4136
Things To Do Nearby: Lake Tobias Animal Park

You’ve heard it said “It’s not about the destination, but the journey.” I say, give me both! The journey (detailed in the previous story) from breakfast that morning to arriving here was not that long, but certainly one I would call epic. It had all the elements, including this great destination, which made for a wonderful and needed end to a wonderful and needed journey. Life can get so stressful and overwhelming sometimes, so it’s good to bust out and see where the road can take you. This day I was taken to the Carsonville Hotel.  To be continued.

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