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American Diner
Philipsburg, Centre County

Just a Taste
Locally Owned By: Dave & Dee McClure
Cuisine: American
Price Range: $1.50 to $11.35
Hours: 6am – 7pm
Location: 1841 Philipsburg/Bigler Hwy.
Wi-Fi: No
Contact Info: (814) 342-5304
Vegetarian Offerings: No
Supports Local Farmers: No
Locally Owned Accommodations Nearby: Whispering Sisters B&B, (571) 233-8606
Things To Do Nearby: Shopping, Outdoor Activities

I’ve stopped at this place many a time over the years, so I consider it a sure bet – you probably won’t ever find it listed in the updates page of my website due to closing – let’s hope not anyway. Most, actually all of my stops there have been aboard The Mighty Steed, and not just for food. One time my pal Mike and I stopped for more than breakfast.  To be continued.

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