Hi Friends and Fans of going LOCAL!,

I need your help. I'm trying to put together a press release and bio for my going LOCAL! book series.

Would you please consider writing a very short statement about my book, what you think of it, and how it has effected you? Also, for those of you who know me well, would you please do one about me too if you like (only if it's good ;-). And if you do either, may I please use it along with your name and title?

Just one or two sentences would be great. Here's an example from a fellow author and friend Lew Bryson's press release for his book Pennsylvania Breweries (http://lewbryson.blogspot.com/).

“I very much doubt that there exists anyone who knows more about the Pennsylvania beer scene than Lew Bryson, and certainly nobody writes about it with more insight, savvy, and flair.”

— Stephen Beaumont, author of The Beerbistro Cookbook

“Lew Bryson has captured the flavor, in every delicious detail, of what we, as creators and consumers can be so proud of, the unabashed pleasure of the great beer that we have to enjoy in Pennsylvania.”

— Bill Covaleski & Ron Barchet, co-founders, Victory Brewing

You can submit your statement at the Comment fields below.

Thank you all so much for your support of my books. I wish you all many wonderful adventures and blessings in 2011!